ReNew is an organization that maintains a regard and concern for the welfare of people. We adopt a multifaceted notion of well-being and commit ourselves to aiding others and empowering them to experience a higher quality of life.

Our Mission 

To encourage holistic life renewal by supporting and initiating viable community development efforts through education, family and children services, restoration and empowerment.

Our Philosophy

  • We believe that the needs of the people can be met through strengthened outreach programs and improved communications between the community and service providers.
  • We believe that we must first identify the needs of the community in order to provide outreach that is relevant, sustainable, creative, transformative, and progressive.
  • We believe in partnering with other organizations, voluntary groups, statutory agencies, local agencies, and local governments to enhance the services provided to our community.
  • We believe as a part of our responsibility to the community we are charged to practice and educate our community to practice sound ecological habits.

Our Community

Downtown Atlanta continues to face crime, substandard housing, poverty, and foreclosures. Due to the economic downturn individuals, families, schools, and neighborhoods throughout metro Atlanta have suffered. Homeless men and women flood the streets in search of food, water, and shelter. While residential neighborhoods are lined with dilapidated housing, fragmentary developments, and hazardous recreational areas.

As a result of gentrification sectors of Atlanta have experienced a change in affluence and resources, creating the image of a flourishing metro Atlanta community. However, an overall scope of metro Atlanta neighborhoods would reveal in different image, one that the depicts neighborhoods struggling with the common problems endemic to marginalized communities. The goal therefore is to provide constructive recreational environments for all communities, encourage and accommodate a wide range of activities and interest, and inspire growth and opportunity for underserved neighborhoods struggling to survive.

Metro Atlanta's proximity to several bordering neighborhoods offers opportunity for strong community partnerships, revitalization, support, and progression.