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Our Mission

While free or reduced school lunches have proven to be incredibly beneficial to students from households experiencing financial hardship, these services are limited to the school calendar, which can leave children hungry and without basic necessities on weekends and during other school breaks. The ReNew Fill My Backpack program helps children and their families by providing kids with enough food to sustain their entire households for the weekend

ReNew partners with organizations, sponsors, and community members to help increase the well-being of the economically disadvantaged and otherwise marginalized systems of the community. 

Through Fill My Backpack ReNew distribute backpacks filled with healthful snacks to metro Atlanta elementary school students who are receiving reduced or free lunches. We also maintain contact with the children's families in order to make sure they have enough to eat during the holidays as well as during spring and summer breaks.

Partner with Renée to give elementary school children from economically disadvantaged household food to sustain them during the weekends. You're currently accepting donations of healthful food and snacks including cereals, crackers, fruit snacks, peanut butter, trail mix, popcorn, canned tuna or chicken, etc.

Or you can let us do the shopping for you, with the donation of only $15 you can provide to children with backpacks filled with nutritious foods and snacks such as dried fruit, whole grain crackers, granola bars, and canned or vacuum packed tuna, salmon, and chicken.